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Science 220

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It

Science 220: Dream, Make, and Innovate is a 3 unit GE E course. Building on the philosophy of learning by making, this transformative course empowers students with modern technical and interpersonal skills in the context of the bigger picture and uses the new SSU Makerspace.

What do you actually do in Science 220?

We make stuff. We also spend a lot of time working with community partners on their problems. The class teaches students how to do hard skills like digital fabrication with 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutters, and CNC mills as well as circuits and microcontrollers. We also cover many traditional arts and crafts. The class does a lot of product development and group work. After the class is over, students will have Maker IDs that allow them to freely use the SSU Makerspace equipment.  

Who is the class geared for?

The class is geared towards sophomores but welcomes students of all backgrounds and stages. No prior courses or skills are needed. We have peer facilitators and address issues such career options and how students fit into the bigger picture. 

How is this class related to NSF (National Science Foundation)? 

Originally developed by Drs. Jeremy Qualls and So Young Han, the National Science Foundation supported the development of the makerspace through an IUSE grant. NSF is interested in the impact of the SSU Makerspace and Science 220 course can have on the academic community and students’ lives. The creative elements and accessibility of science and technology have slowly receded from our culture. Although embraced by children, as people grow up they tend to move away from making, tinkering, and creating. We would like to change that pattern and NSF is supporting our efforts. 

What do you mean by Maker community?

We are a community that supports the dreams and creations of each other. That community is not only SSU faculty, staff, and students but it’s also with all of those we work with. We have ties with local k-12 efforts as well as SCOE, Studio 180, Chimera, and Nation of Makers. 

How do Community Partners get involved?

Please contact Jonathan Smith if you are an individual, company, non-profit, or just someone working on a problem who would like to be part of our class. Students work in teams to create solutions, products, or designs in partnership with the community. We have a fully functioning design lab, prototyping facility, and a wealth of university technical expertise.